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I have made two family trees using the same technology. One stems from an ancestor on my paternal grandfather’s side of my family (Gupta), and the other stems from an ancestor on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family (Chadha).
I decided to make these trees because I never fully understood the connections that I had to many of my family members. Most of my family still remains in India, so living in the US, I was geographically separated from most of my cousins and didn’t have a good grasp on how I was related to each individual person. I figured that making a family tree would help me understand these connections better. In addition to that, I knew that my family ancestry was written down in a book held by a priest in India. While this system of record keeping has not failed my family in generations, there is no safer way to store data than digitally.
D3 was a clear choice for this project because in the summer that I worked on this project, I was going to start an internship where I would be creating a network graph using D3. A tree is just a network graph with no cycles, so I figured that experience making this tree would help prepare me well for when I started to work on the network graph.
Gupta Family Tree
Chadha Family Tree
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Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Computer Science Major, Washington University in St. Louis

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